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Nov 21, 2007 at 02:15 AM

Joe Brown,
President, Pasadena NAACP

Well here we go again, another item made in our "sister city" being recalled. Does this send a message that, it is time for our City elected officials to finally initiate a "Recall" of this city's commitment to improve human rights violating before rolling out the RED carpet on January 1, 2008, for Beijing's propaganda float?


If it has not been pet food and tires, it is lead-coated toys, and now we have about 4.2 million Aqua Dots units containing a chemical similar to the recreational drug "ecstasy" being removed from the shelves. You talk about our country and our city being duped by propaganda. Yup! And what are we saying, "Oh well"?

Despite the fact that our elected members lavishly praised the Human Relations Commission's report as "extraordinary, extensive, an excellent job, probably the best report we had coming from the Commission", - - they nevertheless voted 6-2 against endorsing the report of their own Human Relations Commission.

I seriously wonder whether the majority of the Council members realized this unique opportunity they have been given. Yet, they sadly squandered such an opportunity. Their timidity in facing the challenge head on was in stark contrast to the boldness of the Commission Report.

It seems only councilman Holden recognized it as "an opportunity for dialogue" to address an issue that would have deep significance for the world stage they find themselves in the Rose Parade.

If one were to compare the actions of former President Reagan while facing the challenge with the Peoples Republic of China, he boldly built on the rapprochement started by then President Nixon with that "communist" country, yet did not retreat one iota with the US alliance with Taiwan.  On the other hand, our Pasadena City Council has completely abandoned the personal appeals of those who are victims of persecution in China, those who are merely echoing the dreams and desires of human rights. And, what do we continue to do while China continues fills our retail shelves, Give them a wink and nod.

In 1984, President Reagan visited China and gave a speech in Shanghai emphasizing American values of freedom and democracy and was uncensored.  Yet our Sisters City Association expressed unfounded worry about their future relationship with China if they were to even utter the fact that they are aware of human rights, violations in China.  Such self-censorship is beyond comprehension.

While journalists and internet writers in China risk their lives to report the facts in China, our Sister City Associations have succumbed to their own perceived fear of economic backlash and have imposed their own version of self-censorship.

I am proud that the NAACP supported and ratified a resolution on October 28, 2007 to oppose the King Memorial Foundation's decision to use granite quarried in China (under slave-labor conditions) for the construction of the monument to Dr. Martin Luther King, and to use a Chinese artist who is renowned for his many sculptures and bust glorifying China's tyrant, Mao Zedong. So now, what's next for the Chinese propaganda machine?

In Dr. Martin Luther King's 1968 speech, he urged his audience to remain awake through a great revolution.  In fact, he pointed out that there is a triple revolution, (1) the technology revolution, (2) the nuclear weaponry revolution and (3) the human rights revolution. Dr. King's words are just as much poignant today as it was then.
What we have seen in these past four months of testimony in front of the Human Relations Commission and the Pasadena City Council are Council members sleeping through the revolution. Let's help them to wake up.