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Re "City won't rain on this parade float," Oct. 31

The Pasadena City Council has brought shame on its city and on the Rose Parade. Clearly, business interests have won out over human rights. It is impossible to believe that City Council members didn't realize the float commemorating the 2008 Beijing Olympics is an attempt to deflect attention from the human rights abuses of a repressive regime. I can't wait for the beautiful floral tribute to the junta in Burma in next year's parade.

Mark Elinson

Los Angeles

The Times writes that the Pasadena City Council's decision is "a key victory for the Tournament of Roses." How is this a victory? How is a float supporting human rights propaganda a victory for anybody? This is a huge failure for the Tournament of Roses and a black mark on Pasadena. It doesn't make The Times look too smart either.

Charles Sherman

Beverly Hills