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Nov 16, 2007 at 09:55 AM

I write this letter in the name of the members of the World Federation of Hungarian Freedom Fighters and as one who is entirely dedicated to the memory of the heroes of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and those who stood up and continue to stand up against communist tyranny.

Today in the People's Republic of China, communism continues to rule and basic freedoms continue to be denied. When the students in Tiananmen Square rose for freedom in 1989, the world witnessed China's government massacre of students and other atrocities it committed to crush the democracy movement. To this day, freedom of the press, any attempt at democracy and freedom to practice religion continue to be denied in China.

The effort to promote a celebration for the 2008 Olympics with a float dedicated to Beijing for the Rose Parade is shameful.  We expect more from the Pasadena City Council and more from Avery Dennison, Inc. We must not overlook the oppression that still dominates in the Olympics host country, and must not give comfort to the oppressors.

We hope that all involved in this world sports event will demonstrate leadership and recognize that there are minimal freedoms that should be offered to all citizens who live in China. Chinese officials should at least admit fault for the Tiananmen Square massacre and release any prisoners from that event who still languish in China's prisons.

The members of WFHFF strongly support the protest against the Avery Dennison float in the Pasadena 2008 Rose Parade and urge all residents

of Pasadena to contact their council members and press them to join
this protest.