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Home arrow Blog arrow Press Releases arrow Mayor Bogaard receives 'Grinch' Award - Shoppers asked to sign petition & People to turn back
Mayor Bogaard receives 'Grinch' Award - Shoppers asked to sign petition & People to turn back Print
Dec 20, 2007 at 03:00 AM
Visual Artists Guild Press Release

For Immediate Release

Award Ceremony for Broken Rose Award to
       Grinch of the Year, Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard
Petition US Congress - Ask last minute Christmas shoppers to sign petition for help in asking Beijing to release prisoners of conscience
Asking people to turn their back on the Beijing Float


WHAT:  1.  Award Ceremony - Award Broken Rose to Grinch of the Year Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard
                 Mayor Bogaard won the on-line vote for Grinch of Year by a landslides
                  Please see result at  http://blogging.la/archives/2007/12/vote_now_for_las_grinch_of_the_1.phtml
            2.  Signature Drive for Petition to
                       US Congress to help prisoners of conscience in China
            3.  Asking people to TURN YOUR BACK to the
                       2008 Rose Parade's Avery-Sponsored Beijing Float

               3:00 P.M. - Award Ceremony
               3:30 P.M. - Go to Old Town Pasadena for Petition Drive and "TURN YOUR BACK"

Pasadena City Hall - 100 North Garfield Ave., Pasadena, Ca. 91109
                  After the ceremony, we will proceed to Old Town Pasadena around Colorado and Fair Oaks

CONTACT: Visual Artists Guild Ann Lau 310-539-0234

Human Rights Activists will meet at Pasadena City Hall for the Grinch of the Year Award to Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard.
Afterwards we will proceed to Old Town Pasadena to offer residents and shoppers the opportunity to sign a petition calling for the release of several prisoners of conscience who continue to languish in China's prisons.  These include Yaning Liu's mother Shuing Li, Dongwei Bu, Bishop Jia Zhiguo, Burmese monks, etc.  The petition will be presented to the United States Congress.
Also we will be asking shoppers to TURN YOUR BACK to the Beijing Float when it passes during the 2008 Rose Parade on January .

Further, in Mayor Bogaard's letter to Beijing, he referred to such human rights abuses in China as mere "allegations".

* * * Help China Keep its Olympic Promise * * *
www.BeijingRoseFloat.org or www.NoBeijingFloat.org
* China * Darfur * Burma * Tibet *
   All Human Rights Disasters
* * * Say No to the Beijing Float of Shame * * *
* * * End * * *


For still unknown reasons our web hosting provider's server was down from approximately Dec. 30. 2007 until Jan. 4. 2008. We are sorry for any  inconvenience that this might have caused and wishing all a Happy new Year 2008!